Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

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Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Since speed and customer loyalty are among your top concerns, gas stations and convenience stores must stay on top of the latest payment technologies. Tiger can help you do just that with innovative solutions that can decrease transaction time for the customer—and reduce costs.


Move Customers. Build Loyalty. With the rising costs of gasoline, an increasing number of customers are choosing to pay with credit cards instead of cash. By offering integrated pay-at-the-pump solutions, customers can pay however they desire. And since transaction time is drastically reduced, you can increase vehicle throughput and fuel sales volume.

Reduce Operating Costs. The rise of electronic payments may be saving storeowners labor costs, but it has also increased the fees they pay for processing. Tiger offers a bundled line of electronic and check payment systems that enable you to reduce processing fees and have a single point contact for all your payment needs.

Streamline Operations. There's no question your Internet connection makes processing faster and more secure. But it can also provide online access to real-time transactional data, improve reporting capabilities, and make back-office processing—such as handling chargebacks—simple.

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