Hospitality & Travel

Expand & Streamline Services. Now That's a Good Time!

Hospitality & travel

Hotels, car rental companies, and theaters with an international presence turn to Tiger to streamline payment processing and expand services to remote, and sometimes exotic, locations. The demands your customers make can change as quickly as the weather, but no matter where your customers are located, or how they prefer to pay, Tiger can help you keep them coming back.


Customer Payment Made Simple. Tiger can help you securely and easily accept any form of payment, no matter where in the world your customers might be or which currency they utilize. Increase your business' appeal by offering streamlined transaction services, including self-service check in and check out, and multi-currency conversion.

The Greatest Gift: Gift Card Program. Encourage customers to visit more often or to introduce your company to a friend or family member by capitalizing on the appeal of  customized gift cards designed for the travel and hospitality industries.

Expand Services. Expand Reach. Wireless technologies enable you to serve customers anywhere, any time, and allow you to sell additional services for increased revenue. Whether purchasing theater tickets at a street corner kiosk or renting a car for the weekend, Tiger enables customers to securely accept credit, debit, and check payments remotely via mobile handheld or vehicle-installed wireless devices, which may be integrated into your back office systems.

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